About NFFM

A Community Food Co-op is owned by residents, organizations, churches and businesses who make an investment in its development.  A co-op is different from a traditional grocery story because it is owned by its members.  Consumers purchase memberships to provide investment into the development of the store.  Our community has the unique opportunity to be a part of a co-op through the North Flint Food Market.  The location of the market will be at 5402 Clio Road in North Flint along the Pierson and Clio Roads Corridor.  

Once completed, the North Flint Food Market will play a vital role in addressing the food desert that exists in the area.  Everyone will have the ability to purchase food at the market when it opens, however only members will receive certain perks.  When the market opens for business, residents will have access to healthy foods produced using sustainable agricultural practices.  Shoppers will also be able to purchase products from organic farms and from small-scale family producers.  Learn more about how you can become a member of the NFFM.

The market will also be a source of employment for area residents.  Read about the positions we will be hiring for at the market in 2020.