Businesses understand the importance of being a part of a healthy community. Health is beyond the type of food consumed by someone; instead it relates to the overall wellness of each person and the community as a whole. Co-ops impact the social, health and economic well-being of their members. As a business owner in the co-op, there are an array of economic benefits provided to you by the NFFM.

Business owners in the Flint community have faced a number of challenges over the last twenty years. The North Flint Reinvestment Corp has teamed up with an array of community partners to create forward momentum for the City of Flint. We want to create a better Flint that is focused on the cooperative principles. Businesses can support this endeavor by becoming member-owners in the NFFM. They can reinvest their dollars into a community-owned grocery store which will reinvestment their earnings into the community. This reinvestment will benefit all members of the community including individuals and businesses.

Your business plays a important role in our grocery store development. The residents that patronize your business now are future member-owners of the NFFM grocery store. By spreading the message of the NFFM to your patrons and your employees, you can help drive the future of our community towards future growth.

You have already invested in your business, now it is time for you to make an investment in the North Flint Food Market as an organizational member. Join Now