Co-op: Why Now?

Here are the challenges our community is facing that we must address:

  • Blighted Properties & Abandoned Business Locations
  • Grocery Stores Leaving for Other Areas
  • Welfare Stricken Community With the Limited Access to Jobs

How Co-ops Address The Needs of the Community:

1) Reinvestment Dollar – The community needs reinvestment dollars to circulate inside our community longer. The cooperative business model addresses this concern by grant all members owners rights under the cooperative business law.

2) Access to Healthier Foods – Access to healthy foods that mitigate the lead is highly needed by Flint residents. Currently, Flint residents are splitting their shopping efforts which ultimately places them in the position of poor quality in regards to the products they do have access to in the current grocery climate of north Flint.

3) Jobs – Jobs are essential to community development. Jobs represent businesses activity in your community which creates a channel to funnel dollars back into the community.