Member Benefits

As a Member-Owner You Gain:

  • Special offers from our partner businesses 
  • Monthly member-only specials 
  • Discounts on special-order case purchases 
  • Our co-op newsletter 
  • Patronage dividends 
  • Ownership in a cooperative business that is dedicated to our community and to improving the local economy
  • The right to vote for our Board of Directors as well as to run for a seat on the board
  • Confidence knowing you are supporting a local business dedicated to improving access to healthy food while enhancing our community's quality of life.


There's more than the benefits outlined above.  Investing in a cooperative, means you are a part of a business model which was established over 150 years ago.  The most important principle of a cooperative is that everyone has a voice and a vote in decision's related to the store.  Please review the Cooperative Principles to explore the power you have as a member. Join Now