North Flint Food Market History

We want to share how the North Flint Food Market Cooperative (NFFM) established itself in the Flint community. The journey hasn’t been easy, but let’s get started with our story…

April 2014: Flint, Michigan is hit with the news it may have a serious water issue. Boil advisories and other warnings went out across the city.

July 2014: Kroger located on the North End of the city announces they will be closing the store in August. A rally was held to protest to keep the store but it still closed its doors that summer.

Concerned citizens started holding meetings in the Pierson Road corridor to develop solutions to these problems…

At the first meeting, a concerned citizen suggested an older model grocery store plan that was common to rural communities that needed access to foods that support a healthy diet…”How about a cooperative grocery store!” From that point on, the meetings shifted from concern to excitement and eagerness on how we could develop our cooperative grocery store.

2016: North Flint Reinvestment Corporation held its first grocery store planning meeting.  These meetings still are taking place on the 4th Monday of the month unless noted otherwise.

February 2017: The cooperative steering committee took a trip to the Up & Coming Food Conference held by the Food Cooperatives Initiative Group. At the conference, our participants set a record for the most attendees from one cooperative.

During this time the cooperative had 200 members. We hired a company to complete a market analysis for grocery store feasibility. Consultants were also hired to develop the business structure for the market and a lawyer to incorporate the North Flint Food Market as a Cooperative Entity operating in Michigan.

Fall 2017-Spring 2018: Remediation work began on the site and several blighted buildings were torn down to make room for the North Flint Wellness Hub and Food Market.

March 2018: The cooperative steering committee took a second trip to the Up & Coming Food Conference held by the Food Cooperatives Initiative Group. The NFFM membership coordinator was invited to present on the co-op’s progress to date.

Year-end 2018: Currently, we’ve grown to over 500 member-owners!!!

We are preparing for 2019 to bring even more exciting news for our cooperative as we move towards its development.

Once the NFFM is established the community of Flint will have a sustainable resource to provide healthy food access and to support the growth of our economic resurgence.  The NFFM will also play an integral role in the educating the community on a wide array of health and wellness topics.

Thank you for your support!

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