Not Just A Member; Your A Member-Owners

Your membership status is more than just a number; your continued use of the grocery store will recirculate your grocery dollars back into the community. Imagine if everyone you knew started buying their groceries from you and your group!!! Think about the impact financially that would have on your financial position. The city has been coined as the poorest city in America but we have billions of dollars worth of businesses and organizations operating in our downtown (???)!

Based on our studies while developing our cooperative the benefits we have are directly tied to our membership count. The only competition we have is ourselves (either we remain members of their grocery stores or become owners of our own stores) More member-owners essentially mean more dollars being utilized to serve a purpose inside your community. More members mean more people cooperating to develop a place destination for north Flint.

We are not here to make a member-owner rich! We are here to enrich the environment our member-owner are subject to; providing a growth opportunity for the children and young adults that will carry us into our next days. We’re using the 7 principle that guild the operation of cooperatives worldwide to promote the growth of business ownership opportunities, placing this opportunity directly in your community! Each members “ONE VOICE ONE VOTE” right allows the store to grow into a pillar for the community.

7 Cooperative Principles